Bring your phones back to life by one of our best technicians


Pop in your device for a professional repair from one of our technicians. With years of experience. Your device is in save hands


Sell your old broken device for some cash or trade it. Why keep it in a drawer? 🙁

Why chose us?

Here at GM Mobiles we put customers first before anything else <3


Uphold customer service

We try to offer our customers the best service 


Same hour repair

in most cases you drop in your device and in 1 hour its back in perfect working order


Piece of mind

You never have to worry about the quality of our repairs. As we use Top quality and original parts 


Want to make booking or have a question?

No need for appointments as our doors are always open for our customers ❤️

If you have any question you can ring 📱 We are more then happy to help ❤️

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Are you looking to build a gaming Pc?

You deserve  better than a pc build that its not optimized for gamers 


Budget Build

Our Budget builds are for people who aren’t looking to spend crazy amount of money to enjoy gaming But still optimized to run most at 1080p  over 60fps

Starting From £299

Low Spec Build

Low spec gaming pcs are for people who are looking to play simple games that don’t need much power. These pcs are great for there price and performance 

Starting From £199

Midrange Build

Midrange pcs are perfect as they offer great performance for a great price 

Starting From $699

Bossman build

Pcs at this range are for people who are looking to push there pcs to the limit. These pcs offer insane performance for content creators or gamers.


starting from £999
I have had my phone and family phones repaired here. A professional, reliable and super quick service with excellent value. I have bought many goods from this shop including tablets, chargers, car technology and the pricing and quality is amazing! I’d recommend this place over any other.
Nadiah Alexandra
United Kingdom
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